Chang Nai-Ren

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2011 Chinese Culture University, Department of Fine Arts, Bachelor
2015 Tainan National University of the Arts, Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, Master
2016 Taipei National University of the Arts , Department of New Media Art , Master certificate of completion

2019 Ping-xin Dong-lian, Taipei Artist Village/Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei
2019 Invalid Time/Space,Digital Art Center, Taipei
2018 On Fire 2018,Ring Ring Belt, Seoul
2018 Ground journey, Pier-2 art center, Kaohsiung
2018 On Fire 2018,C&G Artpartment, Hong Kong
2018 Free Art Fair,Songshan Cultural and Creative Park,Taipei
2016 A beautiful mistake?National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,Taichung
2014 Trans N as practice of transcendence,Fuzhong 15,Taipei
2014 display,SHINKONG MITSUKOSHI, Tainan
2014 Brewster’s angle,Nanhai Gallery, Taipei
2014 counter_point, Absolutely S.P.P, Kaohsiung
2013 Today, my most beautiful fraud insurance,Absolutely S.P.P, Kaohsiung
2013 Alchemy 2:30,Dear dear,Taipei
2013 Non-evential Events,Fotoaura institute of photography,Tainan
2013 Farewell, Edward,UNIQUE ART, Taipei
2012 Just a minute more,Nanhai Gallery, Taipei
2012 The future of life| LIVE | cloze | A Moonlit Night by the Vernal River | This, in the |, PINGPONG ART, Taipei
2011 Guling Nanhai Community Theater- REAL PARK 2011, Taipei
2009 Welcome: Flashmob to Yongkang Street, Taipei

2014 counter_point Taishin Art Award nomination
2014 Taipei Arts Award:Judges' Award
2013 Kaohsiung Award:Judges' Award
2011 Arising Artist Award of New Taipei City:Judges' Award
2011 The 9th Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award:Merit Award

2019 Taipei Artist Village, Taipei
2018 Pier-2 art center, Kaohsiung

Chan Sook Choi

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2001 - 2004  B.A Visual Communication, University of Arts in Berlin, Germany
2004 - 2007  Diplom Visual Communication, University of Arts in Berlin, Germany
2004 - 2007  M.A. Experiments Media Art, University of Arts in Berlin, Germany
2007 - 2009  Meister degree, Media Art, University of Arts in Berlin, Germany

Solo Exhibition
2017  “Re-move” Art Sonjae Center , Seoul, Korea
2016  “Re move” Grimmmuseum, Berlin, Germany
2015  “WE remember ME”  Meinblau Projektraum Berlin, Germany
2015  “The Promised Land” Gallery Loop, Seoul, Korea
2013  “The nine billion names of God” Sungkok Museum, Seoul, Korea
2010  “Methamorphose” Gallery KunstDoc, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibition
2019  DMZ, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul
2019  Multi-Access 4913,2019 SeMA´s New Acqusitions, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2019  Records Memories, The Center of Seoul City Architecture, Seoul
2018  Facing Northkorea, Meinblau Prokektraum, Berlin
2018  SURVIVE, Hidden Dimension, Kunstpunkt Berlin Galerie für aktuelle Kunst, Berlin
2018  Neue Heimat, Willem Twee, Den Bosch, Neetherland
2018  The Dictionaly of Evil, Gangwon International Biennale, Korea
2017  The self-Evolving City, UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress, SeMA, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
2017  “Real DMZ” Ahrus Edition,  Ahrus Kunsthalmuseum , Denemark
2017  “Focus Female Korea, Never ending song” Meinblau Projektraum, Germany
2017  “No Limite” , Museum of UFPA, Belem, Brazil  
2017  “Dual-Use“, Transmediale Vorspiel, NONBerlin, Germnany
2015  “Links-Locality and Nomadism“, Galuxy Contemporary art museum, Chungqing China
2014  “Dark Border“, Program by Kuture Projact Berlin, NON Berlin, Germany
2013  “Suspension“, Berlin Art Week, Artistdock, Berlin, Germany
2013  “Reality“, Gyungnam Art Museum, Chang Won, Korea
2013  “Believe it or Not“, Gallery ACC in Weimar, Germany
2012  “DysTorpia“, International Media Project, Local pro ject art space, New York
2012  “Come tu mi vuoi“ Gallery AMY D, Milano
2012  “NOT IN MY OUR BACKYARDS“, Schauwerk Leipzig & Akademie Schloss Solitude
2012  “Come tu mi vuoi“, Gallery AMY D, Milano
2012  “The life is somewhere“, Gallery im Körnerpark, Berlin
2011  “What happened to God?“ Halle14, Spinnerei Leipzig
2011  “la vie en général“, v-kunst, Galerie Greulich, Frankfurt
2010  “Reflection in Process“, Museum Moran, Seoul
2010  “Circulation“, Daegu Art Center, Daegue
2009  Crossbreeds 09, Medienkunstfestival, Kunsthalle WUK, Wien
2009  Asian Hot Shots Festival, Gallery jet, Berlin
2008  “Beyond Babel", presentation at Pergamon Museum, Berlin

2017  “Ying Yang Su Wha” Mediafassade  Humbolt forum in Berlinerpalas, Berlin,Germany
2013/14  “LA DIVINA COMMEDIA” di dante alighire, video design, National Theatre of Korea
2011  “Private Collection “, intermedia theatre, video projection and Director, Mullae Art Center in Seoul, Korea (supported by Seoul Culture Foundation)
2010  “Blumenstaub” research project of Chan Sook Choi (supported by Nachwuchsförderung des Landes Berlin (NaFöG) under the theme ”Women’s-Emigration” after the second World War between Korea and Japan. technical and scientific support from Koreaverband e.V. and Daniela Schmidtke)
2009  “Second Sleep” (03.12.2009) Radialsystem in Berlin, Interaction between Dance, Music and Video Projection
2008  “Wonder Women Teaparty" in Dock11, Berlin (video installation with Yuko Kaseki and De generation ensemble)
2007  “Leben? Oder Theater? “ Jdisches Museum Berlin Solo of Joanne Gläsel about Charlotte Salomon as video projection

Residency Career
2018  Ars Electronica, Interntional Residency program, Linz, Austria
2016  “ACT media festival“ 2016, Forum  Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Korea
2016  “Minbuk Village, Yangjiri “ Lecture, Seoul National University, Korea
2016  “Real DMZ“ Yang ju ri Residency by Samuso, Seoul, Korea
2013  “Overcoming the Territorial“ Artistic knowledge transfer, performative lectures and speech acts , Arts Club Berlin
2012  Culturia, International Artist in Residency, Berlin
2011  “Rex Workshop“, International Artist-exchanging workshop, Leipzig/Frankfurt (supported by Allianz Culture Foundation)
2011  “Studio14“, International Residency Program of Halle 14 e.V, Leipzig, Germany
2009  Mullae Artfabrik, residency program, Seoul Art Foundation, Seoul, Korea
2005 - 2007  Workshop with Brian Eno, Pipilotti Rist, Shirin Neshat at UdK

Silas Fong

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2013-15 Media and Fine Arts, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany
2010-12 MFA, Department of Fine Arts, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2005-08 BA, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition
2018 Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening | Videotage, Hong Kong
2016 There is No Time | Hong-ti Art Center, Busan, Korea
2016 Piccoloministr. 316 | Goethe-Gallery and Black Box Studio, Goethe-Institut Hongkong, Hong Kong
2015 Flat D, 6/F, Aldrich Garden | Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany
2012 Sitcom | Observation Society, Guangzhou, China
2011 Memory Disorder | Gallery Exit, Hong Kong
2008 Anonymity | Artist Commune, Cattle Depot Artists Village, Hong Kong

Selected Group Exhibition
2019 Exit Strategies, H Queen’s, Hong Kong
2019 Booked: Tai Kwun Contemporary’s Hong Kong Art Book Fair | Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong
2018 Taehwa Eco-River Art Festival | Taehwa River Grand Park, Ulsan, Korea
2018 The Day the Gods Stop Laughing | Duddell’s Hong Kong
2018 Housewarming | Better Than Company, Seoul, Korea
2017 Changsaengjeon | Jangsangpo Shinjin Inn, Ulsan, Korea
2017 Up Close Yet Unfamiliar | AMC Lab, Seoul, Korea
2017 Mark CHUNG, Silas FONG, Nicole WONG | Gallery Exit, Hong Kong
2017 Folding / Unfolding: Mobile Photography Exhibition | HKBU AVA Kai Tak Campus, Hong Kong
2017 Me: Millennials | K11, Hong Kong
2017 Through the Lens | chi K11 Art Space, Hong Kong
2017 Simultaneity - Reframing Hong Kong II | Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou, China
2016 Time Test: International Video Art Research Exhibition | CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China
2016 POST PiXEL.: Animamix Biennale 2016 | Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong
2016 Black Bile | 100 ft. PARK, Hong Kong
2016 Hazy Winter | Canton Gallery, Guangzhou, China
2015 15 Invitations: a short history of the art book bag (and the things that go in them) | Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong
2015 The Shifting Territory | Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 after/image | Pure Art Foundation, Hong Kong
2014 Looking at the Big Sky | National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland
2013 Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2013 | Hong Kong Film Archive, Hong Kong
2013 inToAsia: Time-based Art Festival 2013 – “MicroCities” | The NARS Foundation, New York, United States
2013 Moving on Asia: Towards a New Art Network 2004–2013 | City Gallery Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
2013 Move on Asia Video Art in Asia 2002 to 2012 | Media Museum, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
2012 Hong Kong Eye - Contemporary Hong Kong Art | Saatchi Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2012 Move on Asia | Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea
2012 Running on the Sidelines - Hong Kong New Media Art Exhibition | Soka Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 Liverpool Biennial 2010: Media Landscape, Zone East | Contemporary Urban Centre, Liverpool, United Kingdom; Korean Cultural Centre, London, United Kingdom
2010 Work in Spreading: Images of Circulation and Retranslation | Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
2010 Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Award 2009 | Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong

Residency Career
2019 Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul, Korea
2018 Art Stay Ulsan, Korea
2017 FUSE, Videotage, Hong Kong
2016 Hong-ti Art Center, Busan, Korea
2016 Oi!, Hong Kong
2013 GlogauAir, Berlin, Germany
2011 Summercamp Electrified, Timelab, Gent, Belgium

Rabota (Marika Krasina, Anton Kryvulia)

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Marika Krasina
2013 Fine Art, Hfbk Dresden, Germany
2014 Class of Prof.Christian Macketanz, Hfbk Dresden, Germany
Anton Kryvulia
1991-1995 BGPA (Architecture), Minsk, Belarus

Solo Exhibition
“121 hits”, Bubble Opera series. ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany, self-curated.
“Cucumber of Time”, Bubble Opera series. ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany, self-curated.
“Samotryas”, Bubble Opera series. HfG, Karlsruhe, Germany, self-curated.
“Metamorphosis”, performative installation, Port25, Mannheim. Germany, self-curated.
“Tools of Disclosure”, Bubble Opera series. HfG, Karlsruhe, Germany, self-curated.
“NOW”, solo exhibition.POLY Gallery, Karlsruhe, Germany, self-curated.
“Beute Kunst”, performative installation. UND#9, Karlsruhe, Germany, self-curated.
“Shaky”, solo exhibition. Sorokin & Smirnov foundation, Moscow, Russia, self-curated.
“Chaos Sense Delight”. PP Center, Budapest, Hungary, self-curated.
“The Things”. EX14 Gallery, Dresden, Germany, self-curated.

Group Exhibition
Territory of the Stars, Fine Art Gallery, Moscow
Summer exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe, Germany, Guest artists
A1 Lab, Knoxville, USA
Latarka, Budapest, Hungary
Unnoticed Art Festival, Netherland
Yama gallery, Pyatihatki, Russia
RETHink art festival, Crete, Greece
Zdes gallery, Moscow, Russia
GELITIN Studio, performance with GELITIN art group, Vienna, Austria
Galerie Holger John, Dresden, Germany
Palais Sommer, Dresden, Germany
Electrozavod gallery, Moscow, Russia

Engaged in the artistic practice related to sound performances and producing of the experimental music. Released more than 40 musical albums. 2004, Founders of the international Magical Unicellular Music movement. 2012, Kuryokhin Prize nominee.

Residency Career
01.02.-03.03.2016 Sorokin & Smirnov foundation, Moscow, Russia
20.03.-20.05.2016 PP Center, Budapest, Hungary
27.10.2017-27.10.2018 ZKM/HfG, Karlsruhe, Germany

Jae-hoon Lee

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M.F.A. Chung-Ang University Department Of Korean Painting
B.F.A. Chung-Ang University Department Of Korean Painting

2018 Oh, The Beautiful Scenery of Beasts, Space CAN, Seoul
2017 For A Fight On The Green Field, Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea
2013 ARTIFICIAL-SINCE 2013, Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea
2013 UNMONUMENT, Space Cottenseed, Singapore
2009 NOBLE SAVAGE-SINCE 2009, Interalia Art Company, Seoul, Korea
2008 UNMONUMENT_SINCE 2008, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2018 The 2018 Jeonnam International SUMUK Biennale, Mokpo Culture & Arts Center, Mokpo
2018 2017 NEW ACQUISITION, Busan Museum of Art, Busan
2017 Four corners of the world, CYAN Museum, Yeog-cheon, Korea
2016 Experimental Art Project 2016-The moon. round like a little plate (Daegu Art Factory)
2015 ART TAIPEI 2015, Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall
2015 Still Life : A Frozen Moment, Space Cottenseed, Singapore
2015 衆口難防, ZAHA MUSEUM, Seoul, Korea
2014 Art Stage Singapore 2014, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore
2014 Affordable Art Fair, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore
2014 OCCUPY JUNGMISO, Gallery JUNGMISO, Seoul, Korea
2013 The Waterfall Poetic, SONG WON ART CENTER, Seoul, Korea
2013 Winter wonderland, Space k, Gwang-ju, Korea
2012 BRAIN-inside of me, SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art
2012 No.45 Kumho Young Artist, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2011 2008-2011- Marginal Group, Interalia Art Company, Seoul, Korea
2011 Nan-Ji Open Studio, Nan-Ji Art studio Residence, Seoul, Korea
2011 Bring in to the world, Seoul Museum of Art NAN-JI Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011 <Hybrid Creativity>, SAVINA museum, Seoul, Korea
2011 5th Open Studio & Workshop, Nan-Ji Art studio Residence, Seoul, Korea
2010 Special Story, CYAN Museum of Art, Yeong Cheon, Korea
2010 OPEN STUDIO 6, Goyang National Art Studio, Gyeonggi-do, Korea,
2010 Bibliothèque: A Library of Folding and Unfolding, KT&G SANGSANGMADANG GALLERY, Seoul, Korea
2010 RESIDENCY PARADE, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea
2009 Kumho Museum Art Studio Workshop, Kring Gallery, Seoul. Korea
2009 Seogyo Sixty 2009 - The Game for Respect, Gallery Sangsangmadag, Seoul, Korea
2009 The battle of life AN GYUNG-SU & LEE JAE-HOON, Rina gallery, Seoul, Korea
2008 Young Korea artists 2008- I am an artists, National museum of Contemporary art, Gwacheon, Korea
2008 8th SONG EUN Art Festival(INSA ART CENTER, SEOUL, Korea
2008 Mapping the future of the Art-IYAP2008 ,Interalia Art Company, Seoul, Korea 2008 Gana Art 25th Anniversary: The Bridge-The Right of the Gaze, Insa Art center,Seoul,
2006 Acclimatization 2nd Korea, China and youth exchanges exhibition writer ,Yum-Hwang
Museum, China )
2005 Korean young artists exhibition series(Etienne De Causans, paris)

2016 Seoul Art Station, Seoul Metropolitan Government, The Korean Art Museum Association, Seoul
2014 Korean Artist Project 2014, The Korean Art Museum Association, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
2011 Google Art Project-Asia Contemporary Art, Google, The Korean Art Museum Association

2019 Announced support creative arts activities, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Korea
2018 Seoul Art Space Geumcheon (Seoul, Korea)
2018 CAN Foundation Residency (Seoul, Korea)
2018 Arts support programs from Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture, Seoul, Korea
2017 Arts support programs from Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture, Seoul, Korea
2013 Arts support programs from Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture, Seoul, Korea
2010-11 Nan-ji Art studio Residence Program, Seoul Museum of Art
2009-10 Goyang National Art studio Residence Program, National museum of Contemporary art, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
2008 SONG EUN Art Festival - Encouraging Award, SONG EUN Arts&Cultural Foundation, Korea
2008 Insa Art Space of The Arts Council Korea Archive, The Arts Council Korea
2007-9 KUMHO Museum Art studio Residence Program, Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea
2004 Dong-A Art Festival Dong-A Art Award, The Dong-a Newspaper, Seoul, Korea

Busan Museum of Art, Seoul Museum of Art, SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art , Kumho Museum of Art, National museum of Contemporary art ARTBANK, Daewoong Pharm. Co., Ltd, Korea Yakult Co., Ltd. PRO POWERCOM.Co.,Ltd , Dell Korea, Hancom Inc, JW Pharmaceutical Corporation, JINSUH Foundation for & Education

 Forming a gang
Fresco on Korean traditional paper, 182x145cm, 2018

 Shadow garden
Fresco on Korean traditional paper, 204x142cm, 2018

 Outstanding Flower
Fresco on Korean traditional paper, 230x170cm, 2018

 Stars of 36
Mixed media (IOS-PINK, Lime, Glue, charcoal, Chinese ink, 90x360x5cm, 2018